Interested in Leadership?



The leaders of Bakersfield have a special interest in growing LLL in the Central Valley. In September 2017, we plan to host a Facebook group for those interested in exploring LLL leadership. Having more Leaders means we can help more breastfeeding families. Plus, new Leaders can start LLL Groups in other parts of the Central Valley!

There is no obligation. There are also no guarantees; completion of the dialogue will not automatically mean you will be started as an LLL Leader Applicant.

Membership in this Facebook group is open to those with qualifying breastfeeding experience and a desire to do volunteer work in this field if they have already done these 3 things:

Task 1. Read the LLL book “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding,” 8th edition (as pictured above). Please read it as LLL Leaders use this book as their primary resource and it embraces the breastfeeding information and LLL philosophy that Leaders represent.

Task 2. Look at the LLL International Page for those interested in leadership.
This is not a quick read. It reviews LLL’s leadership eligibility criteria and provides details on Leader responsibilities (breastfeeding counseling, meeting facilitation, and Group management).

Task 3. Attend LLL meetings. If there is not one near to you, then make every effort to ‘commute’ to one at least once or twice and attend online meetings. LLL functions through its Groups, so you need to see us in action if at all possible.

This FB group will cease to accept new members on August 31st, and it will then become a secret FB group. From September 1st, work will happen nearly every day. There will be links to read and comment upon and writing exercises on your own breastfeeding experience and upon LLL Philosophy.

Please contact LLL of Bakersfield via Facebook, email, or text (661-438-1518) for more information.